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Information sharing workshop on REDD+ implementation for communication network in Bac Kan province

Cập nhật ngày:  28/10/2016
On 25 October, 2016, in Bac Kan city, Bac Kan PPMU has organized an information sharing workshop on REDD+ implementation for communication network and commune REDD+ committees implemented SiRAP in Bac Kan.
There were 29 participations, which are members of the provincial REDD+ communication network, officers of REDD+ committee of 5 SiRAP pilot communes and staff of PPMU.


During the workshop, participations were provided information on the implementation of activities of UN-REDD program in Bac Kan in the recent time and the proposed activities in the coming time, such as, activity packages in the PRAP, the models of forest sustainable management, communication activities and so on; Members of commune REDD+ committees also shared the information on the status of SIRAP implementation, especially in 03 communes which just started implementing in 2016 and associated with Benefit Distribution System (BDS), from which the participations discussed, and prepared suitable communication plan, in order to integrate communication with specific REDD+ activities in the field to raise people awareness of REDD+, climate change and the importance of forest management, protection and development so that they could perform specific actions.