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Invitation to submit news for 2016 REDD+ Newsletter

Cập nhật ngày:  11/11/2016
Viet Nam REDD+ Office pleased to inform the plan to develop REDD+ Newsletter in 2016 with the main following contents:
1. Update on NRAP implementation and the process of NRAP revision: responsible by Mr. Binh VRO 
2. The process of SIS and SOI: responsible by Ms. Ha Phuong VRO
3. Piloting BDS: responsible by Mr. Thanh VRO
4. Update on the implementation of REDD+ projects and programs in 2016: responsible by Ms. Nguyet VRO
5. FREL/REL and REDD+ Geo-portal: 
responsible by Mr. Viet Dung - UN-REDD Program phase II
6. Update on R-package and ERPD: 
responsible by Ms. Lê Trang - FCPF project
7. Implementation of REDD+ at sub-national level (PRAP, SiRAP, REDD+ communication network,…): 
responsible byMs. Phượng Cintapo - UN-REDD Program phase II
8. GRM, PGA and ethnic minorities network: responsible by Ms. Thủy Safeguards 

VRO kindly request for the contribution and collaboration from REDD+ projects and programs in terms ofproviding updated news and information regarding your progress and results. The contents should be limited within 500 words (both in English and Vietnamese).

Your contribution is very useful not only in terms of supporting VRO to collect sufficient and reliable information onREDD+ implementation nation-wide but also identifying the appropritate solutions to better collaborate for the successful REDD+ readiness in Viet Nam.

Please kindy send your news/information to: Ms. Trần Minh Phượng - UN-REDD communication officer: Email: cintapo@gmail.com; Tel: 0913.321.422

Deadline of submission: 17h00 Monday, 21/11/2016

Looking forward to your active contribution.