Workshop on Building Capacity and Gender Integrating on REDD+ Implementation

Date: June 1st - 2nd , 2012
Venue: Quang Binh Province


    • Introduction to REDD+ initiative, international negotiation process, REDD+ readiness in Viet Nam and necessary of participation of forest management agencies.
    • Introduction to UN-REDD Viet Nam Programme, the methods of REDD+ implementation, requirements and benefits of REDD+ implementation in Viet Nam.
    • Orientation on sustainable forestry development; MARD’s plan on responding to climate change and REDD+ implementation.
    • Integrating climate change into the forest protection and development plan 2011 – 2020.
    • Some legal issues related to REDD+ initiative in Viet Nam. The roles of women on REDD+ activities.
    • The roles of women on forest protection and management, sustainable forest development programs, REDD+, and respond to climate change.
    • Action plan of VNFOREST’s women on REDD+ implementation and responding to climate change