FAO: Support to National Assessment and Long Term Monitoring of the Forest and Tree Resources in Viet Nam (NFA)

Location: Nationwide

Duration: 2011 -1/2014

Executive Agency: Viet Nam Administration of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Implementation Agency: Forest Inventory and Planning Institute

Funding: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
2.7 million USD

The main objective of the NFA is to assist MARD /VNFOREST in the development of the National Forest Inventory and Monitoring Programme (NFIMAP).

Development Objective
In line with the overall policy orientation of the GoV, the development objective of this programme is to contribute to the sustainable natural resources management and utilisation through improved, efficient and cost effective forestry related activities and to the sustainable development of the country and improved productivity of the rural livelihood, while at the same time contribute to the alleviation of poverty and enhance gender issues according to the policies and guidelines of FAO.

To make more accurate forest resource data available for forest management decision making and national reporting, through supporting establishment of the National Forest Assessment and Monitoring Program (NFIMAP).

Status: Ongoing
The project will also be the basis for Vietnam’s MRV system for REDD. The NFA project will be designed and implemented in collaboration with other on-going government and donor related activities including UN-REDD and FORMIS.
The project Outcomes are as follows:
1. Established broad consensus at the national level on the needs and approach to NFIMAP in Viet Nam by taking into account national users’ requirements and country’s obligations to reporting to international processes, including REDD+;

2. Capacity of VNFOREST and FIPI strengthened to collect, analyse and disseminate information on forest resources, users and uses;

3. Prepared bases to develop national forest and land use maps at levels and scales based on harmonised classification of forest and land uses and related definitions that serves also REDD+ monitoring and the development of the national Forest Management Information System (FOMIS);

4. National assessment of the forest and trees outside forest resources operational.

5. Framework established for a long term monitoring of the forestry resources.

National Project code: GCP/GLO/194/MUL(FIN)

Technical Documents:
1Land cover and forest type mapping for National forest inventory in Viet Nam (FAO-NFA, Nov. 2012)

Focal point/Contact person:

Akiko Inoguchi
Email: akiko.inoguchi@fao.org
FAO Representation in Vietnam
No. 3 Nguyen Gia Thieu, Hanoi
Tel.: (+84) 4 39424208